Host interns

Hosting an IFAA Farm Intern

Who may host an IFAA intern?

If you are an American farmer or rancher of any size and would enjoy the challenge and excitement of training and working with a highly motivated young person from another culture, we invite you to apply to our program.

How are IFAA interns chosen?

IFAA interns undergo an unusually rigorous selection process. Cooperating organizations in the interns' home countries (currently, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Bolivia, and Paraguay) screen applicants through oral and written interviews, comprehensive english language testing, and thorough physical and psychological examinations. Successful applicants undergo orientation and basic language training before coming to the US. After training in the US, many IFAA interns have returned home to become agricultural leaders in their own countries.

When do interns arrive?

Most arrive in the US in March and April. From Latin America a group arrives in August for twelve month program and another small group from Japan for one month short program. From time to time, during the program year, interns become available when it becomes necessary to relocate them from one host farm to another.

What does IFAA do?

IFAA brings together the American host farmer and the farm intern and does everything possible to see that both the host farmer and intern have a positive and meaningful relationship and program experience. IFAA coordinates all visa and travel arrangements for interns, provides medical insurance coverage guidelines and claims assistance, organizes and conducts all IFAA educational events, visits hosts and interns on site, provides counseling, and, in general takes care of the administration and everyday requirements of the program.

How long is the program?

The actual on-the-farm training periods vary in duration; the majority are in the 12-month range, but range between one to twelve months. During the on-the-farm period, interns are required to attend scheduled IFAA educational events.

How do I find out about program costs and other responsibilities and details?

For current costs for your area and other responsibilities, please feel free to contact us, anytime by telephone, mail, e-mail, etc. Our experienced staff will be happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and send to you an information packet with complete details. A list of current host farmers closest to you is also available.

IFAA is committed to keeping your costs down, consistent with maintaining a quality educational program. Each IFAA host farmer remits to IFAA a tax-deductible monthly contribution, out of which IFAA pays intern allowances and program costs. Rates vary regionally to reflect wages and living costs.

How can I apply on line, without obligation and without hassle?

Please take a few moments to fill out the on-line application. IFAA will confirm receipt of your application and, if you request a return call, will do so to answer any questions you might have. If you are interested, we will tell you about any interns currently available, who might make a good match, or at a minimum we will be able to tell you when our next group will be arriving in the US.

We hope to hear from you!